Beginning to end services

While every customer’s situation is different, our turn around times from initial artwork to shipping out finished labels are faster than just about everyone else in the industry. We are able do this because everything we need to make labels is contained under one roof using state of the art equipment.

We can print just about any kind of label

We print labels for a wide variety of businesses: Agricultural, Industrial, Warehousing, and Promotional and Retail Packaging. We print high quality, high resolution labels in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We carry a wide array of label stock with varying material and adhesive properties to fit your specific labeling application:

Design Services

You can bring in just about anything from a rough sketch to an existing label to a fully vectored art file, and we can create the label that will work best for you and your product.

High Volume Printing

Need a LOT of labels? No problem! We are primarily a high volume printing facility. We can do any quantity from 5,000 to 5,000,000 and even more depending on your specific needs. 

Advanced Technology

From image editing software, to the newest printing plate making laser images, to the latest in flexographic printing press technology, we strive to stay on top of the ever changing world of printing.

Design Services

Don't have any existing artwork or even any ideas?

No need to worry. We can design your new label for you. We have decades of design experience that can provide you with a fantastic new design for your product labeling needs. Not every graphic design company knows what needs to be done to artwork to get it ready for flexographic printing. But, because we are primarily a flexographic print shop, we do. Save your company valuable time and money by letting us be your one-stop shop. Come in with an idea, leave with a label!


We have the ability to work with and print a wide array of imagery on your new labels. We can print everything from simple, bold, solid colors to full color, high resolution photography. We can even do a mixture of both, depending on your new label’s needs!

Not Just Labels

Our graphics department isn’t limited to just labels, either! Throughout the years, we’ve done the artwork for many of our customers’ other product offerings and graphics needs, including:

We have many partners in the product packaging industry that we rely upon for printing these specialty items for us and our customers. They all do high quality work, as per our standards, and we can work with them to come up with a custom solution for whatever your product needs.

If you’ve got a specific need for artwork, regardless of the application, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can work together to design just about anything your company needs.


Your one-stop shop for design services.

At Central Valley Labels, we use the latest image editing and processing software to take your idea and make it a reality. We can produce your new labels from artwork that you provide in just about any form, from a rough sketch to fully vectored, digital files.

High Volume Printing

Fast Accurate Mark Andy Press

Our press operators have been factory trained on the newest Mark Andy presses and are able to run at speeds up to 700 feet per minute, while holding tight registration. Our production facility is structured to run with high efficiency. Because of these factors, our press operators are able to produce mass volumes of labels in one shift. We are capable of producing multiple millions of labels with a quick overall turn around time.

Our press operators and finish/quality team are crossed trained as well. This allows us to have a continuous work flow with minimal down time.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest technology

At Central Valley Labels, we use the latest technology to print your new labels. We strive to stay on top of the ever-changing world of flexographic printing. We were the first business in California to purchase a Mark Andy P3 Series 13″ flexographic printing press with LED curing technology.

With the combination of this hardware/software along with artwork processing/color separation software from Xanté, we print all of our labels at a resolution of 175 lpi. This means that with the labels we print, the photographs look like photographs. There is nearly zero quality loss from the picture you provide to the one that gets printed on your new label. Most of our competition runs at 150 lpi or less.

Photo-grade Proofs & Press Checks

We can also print a one-off, photo-grade proofs to show you what your finished label will look like before it goes to press. We use a special printer that is calibrated to be at minimum 94% representative of what will come off the press(for four color process jobs).

You can even schedule a time to come in and do a press check of your new label. This is where you get to see and monitor your label being printed and ensure it’s color accuracy first-hand and approve it on the spot.

Phoseon Technology

Mark Andy P3 Series Press

This new Mark Andy P3 Series press can run at speeds of up to 700 feet/min regardless of type of artwork being applied, be it full color process or spot colors. This press holds registration at these high speeds extremely well, too. Because this new press runs so fast and true, most of our production times for labels run on this press have been effectively cut in half. This saves you the customer, and us, valuable time and money.

We have the ability to print up to 7 colors plus the UV varnish on our presses. We can even print on the adhesive side of a label, should the need arise. The high number of color stations allows us an extensive range of flexibility for printing complex images at high resolution along with the ease of printing sharp, vivid Pantone spot colors.

Esko CDI Spark 2530 Laser Imager

We recently purchased a brand new Esko CDI Spark 2530 Laser Imager from which we make our printing plates. This extremely high resolution laser imager runs on the latest Grapholas plate image processing software from Esko and has cut our pre-press, plate making times tremendously.